Calling all results-driven women in tech, who want to become Incredible Leaders.  Are you ready to boost your confidence for FREE in 5 Days?

In my free challenge I’ll coach you to discover and unleash your self-confidence so that you can delight your clients, inspire your people and have your boss singing your praises.  My methods will help you show up with impact, be authentically visible and lead with purpose in a way that the people you need to influence will LOVE.  

Registration is now open for the next 5 day challenge starting on 7th September 2020 and closes in:  


Here’s what previous challenge participants have said:  

Join my FREE 5 Day Challenge and you'll quicky learn how I've helped hundreds of people like you to become the leaders and role models they've always wanted to be.  

Are you holding yourself back when you’re in front of senior leaders instead of showing up assertively?  Is self-doubt constantly making you feel like you aren’t enough?  And are you plagued by a fear of failure that’s holding you back from going for what you want?

  • This challenge will make you stop, think and reflect on what is important to you
  • You’ll learn how and why you hold yourself back and take simple steps to overcome your impostor syndrome
  • You’ll be in a safe and non-threatening space where you can learn and take action without fear of judgement
  • I’ll be teaching you how to embrace your unique talents and strengths and share them with the world
  • And you’ll benefit from everything I’ve learned coaching women just like you who want to be more confident, resilient and authentic – it is possible
  •  You’ll be given access to my private challenge ‘members only’ facebook group along with all the other participants. You’ll be with like-minded people just like you and realise you are not the only one who struggles with confidence.
  • I’ll share one simple task each day in the group for you to complete and you’ll be asked to share how you got on in the comments
  • I’ll be live in the group every day providing guidance, answering any questions, sharing additional insights and encouraging you
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Are you ready to discover your strengths and learn how to show up with confidence? 

Gail Logan

Leadership Coach

Hello!  I’m Gail Logan.  I’ve lead and managed high performing teams in companies like Adobe, Fujitsu and GE for most of my career.  I intimately understand the challenges associated with being a female leader.  For the past few years I’ve been helping other leaders, managers and business owners lead with confidence and ignite their passion and potential.

Are you crippled by self-doubt?  Maybe you’re overwhelmed and feeling out of your depth with new responsibility?  Or are you stressed and anxious about being visible, leading from the front and delivering results?

Leading in today’s fast-paced and constantly changing world where you are expected not only to deliver results but also engage, inspire and motivate your team is a daunting task for anyone.

I’ve been there.  It’s exhausting!

This challenge is a great start to better understanding yourself, figuring out what is important and learning the key principles I teach to step into your strengths and the unique qualities only you have.

This is the key to building confidence and leading authentically.

The challenge is going to be practical and engaging.  You’ll be taking action every day that will help you understand your inner critic and start to shine a light on the value you bring to your team, organisation and everyone around you.

You’ll be learning along with everyone else and to ensure you get maximum value I’ll be putting 100% into the 5 days.  I’ll expect you to do the same.  I’ll be rewarding the most engaged people in the private group and removing the least …. are you up for the challenge?

Ready to become the amazing leader you know you’re meant to be?   

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