How to give effective feedback


Take the nerves, discomfort and anxiety out of giving effective feedback


Download my Masterclass now and let me guide you through my step by step process of how to give feedback effectively.  

Research from Leadership IQ suggests 50% of employees aren’t getting the feedback they need to perform at their best.  Master the art of how to do this effectively and reap the benefits in employee retention, loyalty and engagement

In this masterclass I cover:


  • How to implement my process to ensure your feedback conversations are meaningful
  • Having a positive impact on the employees you are leading
  • How to use my free worksheet to prepare for a current feedback situation you have
  • Real examples from my 20+ years of experience leading and managing teams
  • Insights, tips and guidance on how to get to the outcome you want
  • How to anticipate and prevent conflict

You will:

  • Hear about the challenges with giving feedback
  • Learn what effective feedback is
  • Receive lots of helpful tips, guidance and advice from me
  • Understand why giving effective feedback is so important
  • Follow the step by step guide I use to give effective feedback
  • Learn about active listening and powerful questioning techniques

N.B. This is a genuine training class, not a sales pitch.


Location: This is a recorded Masterclass

Format: You will be sent a link to watch the Masterclass in your own time.

Price: £20

Duration: 1 hour

N.B. Joining instructions and content will be sent by email. 


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