How to get the work-life balance you long for

Hello and welcome!  I’m delighted to be facilitating this workshop in association with the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce.  I’m also looking forward to meeting you in person on 29th Sept.  In advance of that please find detailed below some pre-work to complete that will start the process of you making the changes you want in relation to your own work-life balance.  I look forward to hearing more about what comes up for you when we are together on 29th.  If you have any questions in the meantime please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly or to contact The Chamber.


  • How would you describe your current work-life balance? What are the challenges you currently face?


  • To begin identifying what is really important to you, please reflect before the workshop on a time when things felt ‘just right’. Revisit and be with that moment in time and get really curious about why things felt that way. Give yourself permission to spend time fully experiencing this moment again. When you are ready, ask yourself and note down the answers to the following questions:
    What were you doing?
    Who were you with?
    What was happening?
    Where were you?
    How did you feel?
    How were you reacting?
    How were you being?
    What about this moment made everything feel ‘just right’?


  • Once you have completed the above exercise ask yourself what your ideal work-life balance would look like if you could have it any way you wanted and you couldn’t fail. Write this down in as much detail as you can. Be playful and have fun with it.


That’s it!  Looking forward to meeting you on the 29th.


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