Unlock your potential as a leader

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Overcome self-doubt, Reduce Overwhelm, and start leading with impact

In the IGNITE Membership you’ll get practical strategies and techniques that will help you unlock your potential as a leader.

You’ll have full access to monthly masterclasses and calls so that you can stop stressing and start focussing instead.

 It’s time for you to ditch the impostor syndrome and self-doubt that are driving all your overwhelm and step into your strengths; so that you can make an impact in a way that feels authentic for you.  

This is your chance to:

Find your confidence and be visible.

Stop questioning whether you’re ready to lead or motivate anyone and overcome your inner critic.

Maximise your time and energy in a way that gets results and maximises your potential as a leader.

The IGNITE Membership

Unlock your leadership potential
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When you join the IGNITE Membership you'll get

Hi! My name is Gail

I’ve led and managed high performing teams in companies like Adobe, Fujitsu and GE for the last 20 years.

I intimately understand the challenges associated with being a female leader.

For the past few years I’ve been helping other leaders and managers ignite their passion and potential so they can live and lead with confidence.


Female Leader of the Year Finalist

Are you...

And do you Want ...

I was once where you are now.

I discovered how to break out of this vicious cycle and now I want to show you how to do the same.

I've been there, done that

I spent many years working in a senior role for a very large software company. I get it.

I’ve been there and back, bought the t-shirt and have the battle scars to prove it.



I was the one who found it hard to speak up.


I was the one whose face turned red and blotchy when she had to stand up and present.


I was the one who worried and fretted about what my boss thought, whether I’d said the right thing, if I was enough.


My saboteur prevented me from being comfortable, from finding my joy and from being my best self.


I was successful, despite my saboteur, certainly not because of it.

AND it was exhausting.


It took working with a Co-Active Coach to finally figure out what it was to be authentic, who I truly am, what lights me up and why I am here.


THAT is why I’m so eager to help you on this journey to become the leader you have always dreamed you would be.



Will you take this journey to better leadership with me?

The IGNITE Membership will help you:

Get clarity on what is important, so you can make decisions with clarity and focus on delivering results with less overwhelm; 

Uncover how and why you hold yourself back so that you can start leading with confidence and self-belief;

Figure out your unique talents and strengths so that you can step into them and use them to your advantage instead of comparing yourself to others and always falling short;

You’ll benefit from everything I’ve learned working with women just like you who want to lead with more impact, influence and authenticity – it is possible!

Everything I teach, I’ve implemented myself, and reaped the rewards.  I’ve been in senior positions, I’ve had the sleepless nights, I’ve felt the fear, 100 times over. So I know this stuff works.

The IGNITE Membership is a group coaching programme that will help you find your confidence, discover your strengths and enable you to move forward with purpose and passion.

It will ultimately give you the tools, techniques and support you need to learn how to live AND lead authentically.


The programme covers:

The programme is a mix of live masterclasses and calls and support via a private area in the IGNITE Vault.  You’ll also get access to the exclusive IGNITE Membership Facebook group, so that we’re always connected and you can ask questions at any time.

I’m always on hand if you get stuck, need some encouragement and to point you to the content that is relevant for you right now.


Using my methods, you will be able to:

this programme is unlike anything you've experienced before

The IGNITE Membership has been designed specifically for people like you who want to overcome self-doubt and overwhelm in favour of self-confidence and balance.  

I’ll be sharing my best tips and guidance based on on the principles of psychology and Co-Active Coaching AND all my experience of leading high performing teams.


I’ll be coaching you to figure out what is important and understand the unique qualities, skills and attributes that only you have.


This is the key to building confidence and becoming an authentically visible leader.

By taking part you’ll get the tools you need to become confident, resilient and inspiring to those around you.


You’ll become the sort of leader who engages their clients, inspires their teams and delights their boss.

topics already covered that you'll get immediate access to

I have been a leader in large organisations for over 20 years, most recently as the Head of Customer Care for Adobe across the EMEA region.


I’ve been in every situation a typical leader will find themselves in and am ready to share my experiences with you.

I’m also a Certified Coach. The IGNITE Membership brings the two things together so you get the benefit of both.


You’ll take action that will help you to understand your inner critic and start to shine a light on the value you bring to your team, organisation and everyone around you.


You’ll be learning along with like minded people in a safe, non-threatening AND courageous space where you can be entirely yourself. 


All this for only £10 in your first month, after that you’ll pay less than £50 a month for as long as you remain a member, and you can cancel anytime.

i get you. i see you. i know you. i can help you.

I can say all of this with confidence, because I’ve been where you are and I know what you’re going through.


So, if you are a results-driven woman who wants to lead with impact then I’d love you to join me in The IGNITE Membership where I’ll share all my knowledge, insights, tips and techniques to ensure you overcome the self-doubt and overwhelm that’s stopping you from becoming the incredible leader you are.

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Ready to transform the way you lead?

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