Free Consultation

To get to know me, experience what it’s like to be Coached and to figure out if this might be a good solution for you book a free consultation with me.  I offer a free 30-minute session for anyone interested in a potential Coaching Engagement.  I recommend that my clients have ‘chemistry’ sessions with more than one Coach before making a final decision as it’s critically important that you find someone who is a good fit.  Every Coach is a unique individual, regardless of their training, background and qualifications.  At the end of the day we are all human beings and you need to find the Coach that’s going to be right for you.

You can view my availability and book your free session here:


Pay As You Go

Coaching Session
£1751 Hour
  • A one-off coaching or mentoring session is useful when there is a pressing topic that a client is finding difficult to resolve on their own.  These sessions can be booked on a pay as you go basis without committing to a longer term programme.  At the end of the session, specific next steps will be agreed to ensure accountability.
  • Explore specific topic of client’s choice
  • Pay as you go option
  • Accountability on next steps to ensure forward movement & clarity on what you want
Discovery Session
£2502 hours
  • Discovery Sessions are included in my Coaching Packages and can also be booked as stand-alone sessions although they are usually a precursor to a Coaching Engagement
  • Deep dive to get clarity on what is intrinsically important
  • Exercises to surface values
  • Initial work on understanding purpose
  • Agreed next steps
  • Check in call within a month to ensure accountability
Transformation Session
£450*1/2 Day in person
  • In this powerful 1/2 day session we will go deep into what is intrinsically important to you, create the vision for the person you want to become and begin to put the tools in place to help you succeed.  Every transformation session is different as every client is different but a suggested format is :
  • Deep dive and review of current challenges
  • Creating Clarity on vision & purpose
  • Surfacing values and what is important
  • Addressing self-limiting behaviour and focussing on the inner leader
  • Coaching the client for forward movement
  • Brainstorming and creation of an action plan for success
  • Accountability check in within one month
  • Due to their length these sessions are only available in person
  • *Based on session being delivered in Edinburgh

Mastermind Group Coaching

Facilitated group coaching with up to 5 like-minded individuals giving you the opportunity for support within a peer network.
Ideal for people who are self employed and miss being part of a team, or managers & leaders who want confidential support and guidance outside of their workplace.
I have been in Mastermind Groups myself and particularly valued the ability to share how I was feeling, talk through challenging situations and brainstorm with the group knowing I was fully supported. It was also a great source of ideas and I always learned from the experiences of others.
Due to the intimate nature of Mastermind Groups, participation is via application only. This ensures that if you are offered a place it will be in a group that is suitable for where you are, the support you need and the contribution you can make. There is also a 6 month minimum commitment. Places may be offered in new or established groups.

Monthly Mastermind
£85 per monthMinimum 6 month commitment
  • 2 hours facilitated group coaching per month either in person or via video conference
  • Peer support network
  • Groups of five people
  • Access to private client group


Transformation is a process that takes time and as such an engagement of 3 months or longer is typically where clients see the most impact.  I recommend 2 sessions per month for most clients to ensure there is momentum and ongoing accountability around forward movement.  The packages below have been designed with this in mind and all include an initial consultation, a 2 hour discovery session and a set number of sessions over a 3 month period with the option to extend to 6 months.

Annual Membership - Coming Soon!
££35 pmMonthly Membership Subscription
  • Your journey will begin with a 2 hour Discovery Session on a topic of your choice. You will be given a login and password to the members only area of my website to gain exclusive access to free resources and training recordings. You will also be eligible to join my invitation only on-line group for my private clients. In addition you will be invited to my monthly client group calls and my regular Masterclasses.
  • Includes 2 hour Discovery Session
  • Annual Renewable Membership
Virtual ProgrammeIncludes FREE upgrade to Annual Membership*
£7003 months via Video Call
  • Annual Membership programme plus regular 1-2-1 coaching. Following your 2 hour Discovery Session we will begin a regular coaching programme to work on the overall agenda we agree together. My coaching & mentoring programmes typically focus on creating a vision and purpose, surfacing values, overcoming self-sabotage and harnessing inner strength. The focus is on forward movement and developing new behaviour that will serve you better as a leader.
  • 30 minute free chemistry session
  • Includes 2 hour Discovery Session
  • 2 x 1 hour coaching/mentoring sessions per month
  • 1 x 1 hour completion/review session
  • 6 month programme: £1,100
  • *Limited time offer
In Person ProgrammeIncludes FREE Upgrade to Annual Membership*
£1,0003 month in person programme
  • All the benefits of the virtual programme delivered in person. To participate in this programme you must be available to attend your regular sessions in person, in Edinburgh during working hours.
  • 30 minute free sample session
  • Includes 2 hour Discovery Session
  • 2 x 60 min coaching/mentoring sessions per month
  • 1 x 1 hour completion/review session
  • 6 month programme: £1,700
  • *Limited time offer