The Effective Leader

Critical Skills for Leadership

This programme is designed for managers and leaders who want to super-charge their leadership skills in order to excel. They will focus on and develop a core set of key skills that will enable them to enhance their impact and become ‘next level’ ready. This is aimed at emerging leaders who want to start off on the right foot and more seasoned leaders who are being prepared for promotion. The emphasis is on developing a core set of skills for maximum impact complemented by elective modules to hone in on specific areas the participant may wish to refine.

Critical Skills for Leadership

Core Programme

The X Factor

Investing in Talent

Leading with Emotional Q

The Effective Leader in Action

Elective Modules

Communicating for Success

Time Management

Decision Making


This programme focusses on developing core competencies and skills critical to effective leadership.  New managers who want to get set up for success and more experienced managers with new responsibility and a broadening remit would benefit from participating.  By completing this programme, participants will be equipped with tools and techniques allowing them to sharpen their ability to lead and engage others with business impact.

Core Programme Details

The X-Factor – Based on decades of research by Jay Conger & Allan Church on what it takes to become a high-potential employee, how to advance in organisations and how to stay in the top talent list. There are 5 critical X-Factors and in this module, you’ll explore what they are and how to develop them. This module is a perfect introduction to what Leadership really is.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence – Based on the principles of Daniel Goleman’s work on Emotional Intelligence and personality profiling of each team member using DISC.  Participants will learn about the difference in IQ and EQ, explore the benefits of maximising EQ to build relationships with others and resolve conflict.  Motivational systems and team dynamics will be explored and the group will work together to better understand each other’s DISC profile to create strategies for working together more collaboratively.

Investing in Talent – We will review the investment that is made when bringing talent into an organisation and how to ensure that investment is maximised.  Participants will explore why hiring matters and how to make hiring decisions for the future rather than for convenience.  We will also cover the 3 Cs of talent selection and the importance of hiring & developing for stretch.  The module is completed with a look at how best to onboard new employees and the impact this has on the key stages of team development.

The Effective Leader in Action – In this module participants will reflect on the new skills they have acquired and create their own personal strategy to lead more effectively going forward.  they will identify not only what they need to ‘do’ but also how they need to ‘be’ in order to have maximum impact in the organisations they serve.  They will make a public declaration about what they are committing to as they leave the programme.

Elective Modules

Communicating for Success – A step by step process to handling difficult conversations effectively, including powerful questioning and listening techniques based on some of the principles of Co-Active Coaching.

Time Management – Tools and tips to enable participants to prioritise and manage their time more easily.

Decision Making – A workshop to enable participants to make effective decisons based on the Tannenbaum & Schmidt decision-making continuum.

Delegation – The art of delegating for growth and development of teams which explores the need for a flexible approach on the part of the leader in order to get the best from their team.


This programme gets the best results when it is delivered as a series of events enabling participants to develop new and lasting habits whilst getting support as they put their new skills into practice.

Suggested formats are:

  • Two full days followed by two half days (at monthly intervals)
  • Six half days (at monthly intervals)

Workshops are a mix of insight, practical exercises, personal reflection and discussion.

The programme can also be supported by tailored 1-2-1 coaching and group masterminds.

Bespoke/tailored options are also available.

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