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take back your Mind

“The battleground of the mind is where life’s most precious victories are won or lost”, said Kenneth Copeland, and he is as right today as he was some sixty years ago.

If you’ve been looking for a journal that will help you focus better

If you’ve been looking for a tool that will help you 10x your clarity

If you’ve been looking to infuse your life with purpose

If you’ve been wanting to cultivate a more positive mindset so that you can see exponential growth in your life

The IGNITE journal is exactly what you’ve been looking for!


It’s been created by a leader, for leaders.

It will help you lead your team better – more importantly it will help you lead yourself better, so that your growth will shine in your life like a lighthouse, and spread to those around you – including your team.

The IGNITE journal will help you figure out what your dreams are – and then help you make them a reality.

It will help you find the self belief to move forward, take action and achieve your biggest goals… in a short amount of time.



The IGNITE Journal will take you on a journey of self-discovery to create structure and consistency in the way you think.

It will encourage you to reflect deeply and to take conscious action that will enable you to lead with impact, influence and balance.   

The true power is in how it will affect you personally, in your interactions with others, and your understanding of yourself. 

It’s a powerful tool designed to set you free from the things  that weigh you down while at the same time setting you up for the success of the future!

Think of it as a guidebook and roadmap, a source of inspiration on the tough days and a reminder to celebrate the great days.  


Ready to dive in?

*Last shipping day of 2022 is 13th December!

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Hi! My name is Gail

I’ve led and managed high performing teams in companies like Adobe, Fujitsu and GE for the last 20 years.

Ever since I was a wee girl, I’ve been obsessed with stationery, books, and diaries. I still remember my very first 5 year diary complete with lock and key. I relished filling it with secrets, desires, thoughts, hopes, fears and dreams. It’s a habit I’ve returned to many times over the years and it’s no surprise that I’ve become a fan of structured journals. Having never quite found the ‘perfect’ journal it seemed obvious to create my own!

The IGNITE Journal has been designed to stir your spirit. It is my mission to inspire women from all walks of life to become incredible leaders by igniting their passion and potential.

It is your time to shine!

My wish for you is that you will fly high, stand in your strengths, and lead with authentic courage. In the pages of this journal I’ll be your guide, illuminating the way towards your biggest and most daring dreams.

I’ll see you on the inside and in the meantime be brave, be bold, be you!

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I was once where you are now

Throughout my leadership journey, I struggled with the very same things that you are now facing.

And even though your situation is unique, just as you are, in my many years of coaching I have found that the struggles, at their core, are universal.

If you’ve been struggling with self-doubt,

If you’re having trouble believing that you are enough, or that what you are doing is enough,

If you find yourself lacking balance, constantly feeling overwhelmed,

If you’re lacking clarity on what matters to you,

This journal is for you.

The IGNITE journal will give you structure to keep you accountable – no more starting on the right track and then losing your way, or feeling stuck.

It’s time you rewrote your story – and the IGNITE journal will help you do just that.


*Last orders for 2022 are 13th December or when stock runs out, whichever comes first!

You’ve missed the 2022 shipping date. Your order will ship in January.

the iGNITE journal includes:


How to Use this journal

Every journal is different, and every leader is different.

I’ll give you all the tools, tips, tricks, and ideas for you to get the most of this journal – with one caveat – make it yours!

The most important thing is to start and give yourself permission to make it a habit.

It takes time and repetition to form habits.

Journaling is no different.

mind copy


Passion, values, vision, and goal setting – the four pillars of personal and career development.

In this section you’ll get deeply curious and lay the foundations to success – what is it that you want to achieve, who you are, and where do you want to be in a year, or five, or ten from now?

This section is thought provoking, and will help you really dive into the things that make you uniquely you.

Your answers here will help you get the best results in the least amount of time.


yearly overview

In this 12 month view you’ll get to see your whole year ahead of time, and plan accordingly.

This is one of the most exciting parts of the journal because you’ll be prioritising yourself.

This is where you’ll be creating boundaries and commitments to yourself before anyone else.

When you will take time off, when you’ll schedule a special project, etc.

Remember, self-care is about giving everyone the best of you, not the rest of you.


Quarterly and Monthly planning and review

Quarterly and monthly views will help you break up your year into manageable bites, so you can really hone in on your goals and visions and achieve them.

They will allow you to review your progress and see how far you’ve come.

Most importantly, it will aid you in celebrating your success and giving it the recognition it deserves, which is a huge part in building your self-confidence.


weekly set up and inspiration

In your journey to lead with impact, mindset is everything.

This weekly setup will help you get into the right mindset with motivational quotes and prompts that spark your creativity to be the best version of yourself.

This might sound tacky because you’re reading this over the pages of the internet – but I know who you are.

I know you are a strong, amazing, incredible leader. I know you are already enough.

This part of the journal will help you own it, stand in it, and recognise it for yourself. 

boost 2

daily pages with structured prompts

Your daily dose of awesome, these pages will help you unleash your gratitude.

Gratitude leads to appreciation, that in turn will get you into a positive mindset, which will help you reach your goals faster, and live a better life.


weekly review

Reflection is a powerful tool in your growth journey.

In this weekly review you’ll be focusing on what worked for you in the past week, what learning you can grow from, and what you are appreciating right now.

It will help you spotlight the good so that it can spill into next week.

career copy

end of year reflection

It’s time to look back and see all the wonderful things you’ve accomplished.

It’s time to celebrate your victories, both big and small.

When you take the time to acknowledge all the things you’ve achieved, no matter their magnitude, you’ll start realising how far you’ve come and celebrate who you are – and who you’ve become, and this, my friend, is what builds true self-confidence.

customer copy

dreams and ideas

I also included a dedicated place for you to put your dreams to paper.

Every dream starts as an idea – and the more attention we give it, the more it grows and becomes a reality.

Consider this the first step in realising your dream.

Write it down, make it happen.

Here's what you get when you purchase the iGNITE journal:

  • Undated journal so you can start whenever you want
  • Covers a full 12 months
  • Executive Size – 7 x 10 inches (17.78 x 25.4 cm)
  • Daily & weekly pages contain a variety of different prompts and quotes to keep you inspired and motivated over the year.
  • Designed by Gail Logan

Ready to make this year a glowing success?


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It's your time to shine!

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