Certified Professional Coactive Coach

Are you a new manager feeling overwhelmed and out of your depth?

Do you have new responsibilities pushing you beyond your comfort zone?

Are you responsible for developing managers and leaders in your business?

I help women in tech lead with confidence through my IGNITE programme, live workshops and 1-2-1 coaching.

With more than 20 years experience in leadership myself, most of which spent in the high paced environment of high tech, I am passionate about helping my clients ignite their talent and potential, stand in their strengths and overcome the impostor syndrome that often accompanies promotion and taking on senior roles in organisations.  I’ve been there and bought the T-Shirt.  I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, out of your depth and frigthened to speak up.  I’ll help you find the authentic person you were born to be and find your self-belief.

To find confidence you need to stop comparing yourself to others.  It’s time to look inside, discover your true potential and let it shine.

The coaching industry is achieving widespread recognition and rapid growth all over the world in both business and personal contexts. Today, professional coaching is at the vortex of multiple disciplines related to leadership, personal growth, and organizational development. Its strength lies in the trust and safety of a collaborative relationship between two people, coach and client. No other means of improvement, such as traditional training, books or motivational programs can provide the accountability and partnership that one gains by working with a personal coach.

Gail Logan

Founder & Managing Director

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Coaching: All your questions answered ...

Who is suitable for coaching?

Who is suitable for coaching? I’m sometimes asked what level of seniority my clients need to be to be suitable for coaching.  There’s no single answer, a rule of thumb, or one right way to answer that question.   What I would say is the clients I typically work with are people in leadership positions.  They can be fairly […]

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Why is it important for you to get a journal?

I always recommend that my clients get a journal.  I’m famous for having three journals! Free Form Journals Journals containing no structure, so either blank or lined pages, are great for capturing general thoughts and feelings. They are also particularly good as a place to write about homework actions that come up during coaching.  For […]

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What makes me unique as a coach?

What makes me unique as a coach? Co-Active Coach One important thing that makes me unique as a coach is that I am a trained Co-Active Coach.  This means that I focus on the whole person, not just who they are at work or who they are at home or one specific are of their […]

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Latest news from the Coach's Journal

A high flyers guide to confidence and learning to say no

I had the opportunity this week to attend a lunch hosted by The Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce.  I enjoy their ‘Woman in Business’ series and this month was no exception.  Professor Heather McGregor, Executive Dean of Edinburgh Business School, was the speaker yesterday and what a joy she was to listen to.  Her current title […]

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It’s OK to just be yourself

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at the Google Digital Garage in Edinburgh to celebrate International Women’s Day. Public speaking is something I want to do more of despite it filling me with a little bit of trepidation. I usually find my nagging voice of self-doubt being triggered.  It pops up whenever I’m doing […]

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It all starts with Purpose

How do you create a culture in an organisation? I’ve been inspired by two incredible women and their passion for purpose and culture in organisations.  They are both turning the traditional HR space on its head with their approach to talent development.  I’ve felt energised by their ‘rebellious’ (their words not mine) attitude to how we […]

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  • I recently enjoyed a session with Gail and her manner and approach were great. She pushed me to really start to analyse why I make decisions and what motivates me. Given that I was unsure what I wanted to get from the coaching session this was a really positive outcome and I’d be happy to recommend her.

    Anna Knight
  • I met Gail at a networking event and was instantly drawn to her character and enthusiasm towards what she was doing. She was very kind to offer me a session and I gladly took her up on the offer. Gail was very professional and the session itself was very illuminating. She is very talented at making you think outside the box, and the one session with her opened up my eyes to insight about myself I had not realised. If you are looking for some guidance and help in where to take your future – I highly recommend Gail.

    Marlene Lowe
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Gail at Adobe and I have to say that I was always impressed by her engagement and capability of reinventing herself after +15 years in the same company. She was always open for discussion and ready to help despite the exposure and the difficulty of her job. Gail is a great listener and always solution oriented. In a complex and multicultural environment I have seen Gail capable to drive change, support people and coach them in order to meet business objectives without compromising the human dimension. She has a very smart approach at asking questions that help seeing things from different angles.
    Thanks to her immense experience in management and to her human values Gail has made the perfect decision in becoming coach and mentor. It just makes sense to me and I highly recommand any person willing to grow in business or in his personal life to reach out to Gail for a chat and feel immediate benefits.

    Ziad Nakad
    VP Customer Success , ContentSquare
  • “Finding your passion after working for over 20 years in the same industry can be a challenge. It requires a commitment to uncovering the real roadblocks to success, and taking an honest stock in one’s strengths and weaknesses. Through open, honest and warm communication, Gail reaches through the ‘little white lies’ that we tell ourselves about the things we fear and shows the strengths, innovation, and passion underneath it. With deep commitment to real transformation, she listens and catches the areas where we may be turning away from our own strengths instead of turning toward them. With these, she uses short term goal setting and longer term aspirations to build a customized path to success. With so much experience in the corporate world, it’s easy to lose sight of where growth is still possible, but with a few sessions with Gail they are easy to find, invest in, and see results”

    Heather, Boston MA
  • “I trust Gail implicitly and I know that every time i speak with her I’ll get honesty and encouragement in a safe environment. She makes me accountable for achieving my goals and she makes the whole experience an exciting one. I leave every session feeling inspired, hungry and enthusiastic about the next.”

    Alexa, London
  • “I always look forward to my conversations with Gail. She is always able to show a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience and ideas. She quickly points out the problem of the situation, helps me to think outside of the box and gives me helpful perspectives and questions to think about. She has guided me through a challenging time and her great questions & insights helped me to focus on the advantages. Her encouragement helped me a lot to learn how to change my approach and adopt new ways. She has been a great a coach!”

    Zsanett, San Jose CA
  • “Since I started having sessions with Gail I have improved my self-awareness and learned how to maximise my potential in different situations. After a couple of months of coaching I can say that it is a game changer. I highly recommend Gail as a coach: from day one she made me feel very comfortable and I could feel the benefits straight away. She is extremely aware and approachable and has techniques to expand your thought process enabling you to see the bigger picture and channel anything to a successful outcome. The way I approach situations has been enhanced by my learnings from these sessions and I feel like I have support from Gail along the whole process. I am very happy with how the coaching is going and encourage people to try it out”

    Dehydys, London