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"Gail is a fantastic coach and in the space of a few weeks has helped me gain confidence and clarity beyond my expectations.
Gail has a great coaching style: she supports you while challenging you to push yourself further, and also tasks you with being accountable to yourself.
She is warm and supportive, encouraging you through the tough times and celebrating with you during breakthrough moments.

Since starting to work with Gail, I feel - for the first time - that I own my career, and the skills learned during the Mindset Bootcamp have equipped me to explore my next steps.

In a matter of weeks, I have come to know myself better and feel more control over my life.
I feel confident to explore avenues other than those I presumed were in front of me, and I’m excited to start that journey."
Carol Irwin
Strategy and Oprations Lead, Dell

Are you ready to overcome your overwhelm, find balance and start believing in yourself as a leader?

Is impostor syndrome holding you back from maximising your potential?

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Among my clients

Is Coaching for You?

Are you wondering if working with a coach could help you?

Every coach is different, and every coachee is different.  So it’s important that you find someone to work with who you believe will help you to move forward, achieve your goals and get results – otherwise, what’s the point?

The first step to figuring that out is my short questionnaire.

It’s quick and easy to do – all you need is access to WhatsApp!

I’ll send you a series of short questions, then I’ll review your responses and come back to you with a recommendation on your next steps.



Start your journey

The Coaching Circle £97

Transforming self-doubt into unwavering confidence, The IGNITE Coaching Circle empowers female leaders to lead authentically, achieve career success, and embrace their full potential.

This programme is intended for female leaders who want ongoing support to lead with confidence and impact. 

You’ll be empowered to lead authentically and fearlessly in both your personal and professional life.


self-paced programmes

IGNITE Bootcamp £497

Supercharge your confidence and stop worrying what other people think, so that you can reduce overwhelm and lead with impact in a way that feels good to you

On-Demand Self-paced programme to transform your self-doubt to self-worth & confidence and empowering you to lead with impact.

Are you doubting that you have it in you to lead, feel like your impostor syndrome is getting in your way, and is your your head full of negative self-talk?

Maybe you’re questioning whether you should even be in a leadership role.

Deep down do you want to feel more confident and address this once and for all?

It’s time to stop your inner critic from suffocating you and filling you with self-doubt.

The IGNITE Bootcamp is for you.

***PLUS get 3 months direct access to me via WhatsApp and access to The Coaching Circle***

Group Coaching Programme

IGNITE Mastermind £797

Are you ready to transform the way you lead, feel confident about your results, embrace your unique strengths & skills, and accelerate your progress as a leader?  

The IGNITE Mastermind is an intimate leadership programme designed for female leaders who want to embrace opportunities for progression, deliver exceptional results and create incredible impact in their organisations.

This is your chance to:
  • Unleash and maximise your potential as a leader and overcome the self-doubt holding you back
  • Stop questioning whether you’re ready to lead and step into the incredible leader you know you are
  • Create clarity and vision to lead with balance so that overwhelm becomes a thing of the past 
  • Fully embrace your unique talents and strengths so that you can lead with confidence, authenticity and credibility

tailored coaching

1-2-1, Executive, & Unstoppable Leader Coaching

“In order to lead others successfully we must first understand and lead ourselves” – is the compass that guides me in transforming the lives of leaders all around the globe.

With over 20 years of experience and a CTI Professional Co-Active Coach certification, I apply powerful questioning techniques and genuine curiosity to empower leaders to make an impact on their organisation.

I am passionate about working with people who are going through change or facing a significant challenge in the workplace. 

I will challenge you, encourage you to think bigger and bolder, and hold you accountable to achieving your own success.

I offer different 1-2-1 programmes to suit your requirements and budget.  If you’re being sponsored by your organisation then the Executive Package is a good fit.  It includes a review with a key stakeholder to enroll them in the feedback process and to ensure that continued support is provided throughout your coaching journey.

You can also join one of my group programmes and layer in tailored 1-2-1 sessions.

If you want to fast track your progress then the Unstoppable Leader programme is for you.

Coaching is a process that is designed to produce transformational change over a period of time.

Our partnership will thrive as I learn and understand more about you, so expect to invest in this over a period of time rather than it be a one and done!  

Together we will:

  • Create a clear vision for the results you want in how you lead both yourself and others.
  • Surface your unique and best approach for influencing key stakeholders.
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success as a leader.
  • Renew your energy, relight your passion and inspire you to take the next steps toward becoming the leader you aspire to be.
  • Realise your peak potential and achieve self-defined growth goals in a fast and effective manner with me by your side as an accountability partner.

Click below to find out more about the Unstoppable Leader Programme!  Or Contact Me to find out which programme is right for you.

"I had the tremendous honor of being coached by Gail recently and had a transformative experience.
I recommend her highly to anyone who is looking to stretch your thinking and take on new and unexpected perspectives.
In approx. an hour, Gail, co-created 4 POVs with me to try on and I was in control to select the one that served me the best and then had concrete actions to take to bring life to this new perspective.

I love the basic premise that Gail holds that her clients are already resourceful, creative, and whole and we already have everything we need to create a life that we love.

Gail is changing lives one conversation at a time and I definitely invite you to join in."
Rani Mani


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