Coaching in Organisations

I am passionate about working with people who are going through change or facing a significant challenge in the workplace. In particular anyone new to leadership, taking on a new responsibility or feeling daunted by the task ahead.  I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach having completed the rigorous training and certification programme with the Coach Training Institue.  A core philosophy for me is that to lead others successfully we must first understand and lead ourselves and this is central to my coaching approach.  I employ powerful questioning techniques and genuine curiosity to attain clarity around what is important to the client and to establish a plan that will enable forward movement towards desired outcomes.

This is pulled together to form an overall agenda with the ultimate intent of moving the client forward. I will challenge the client, encourage them to think bigger and bolder and hold them accountable to achieving their own success. In organisations, I include a review with a key stakeholder to enrol them in the feedback process and to ensure that continued support is provided throughout the coaching journey. At the end of the Coaching Engagement, a final review will take place with further input from the organisational stakeholders and support the client as they move forward and leave the coaching relationship. Coaching is a process that is designed to produce transformational change over a period of time.

I like to build lasting partnerships where over time I learn and understand the culture and ethos of an organisation so that as the relationship develops I can add more value.

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