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How to give effective feedback

Take the nerves, discomfort and anxiety out of giving effective feedback

50% of employees aren’t getting the feedback they need to perform at their best.  Master the art of how to do this effectively and reap the benefits in employee retention, loyalty and engagement

Are you giving your employees the feedback they need to be successful in their role and to ensure the overall team produces results?

Research from Leadership IQ suggests that fewer than half of employees know if they’re doing a good job and this has significant implications for employee performance, retention and engagement.

One of the core functions of leadership is to provide regular and ongoing feedback to employees to allow them to perform at their best.

I often hear from clients that doing this effectively can be challenging and that it is one of their responsibilities that causes them stress and anxiety.

How would it feel to have a process to follow that will ensure your feedback conversations are meaningful and have a positive impact on the employees you are leading?

My worksheet will give you a framework in which to prepare for those conversations and ensure that you are thinking about the right things to include.

Get my free worksheet below to help you prepare for your next feedback conversation.

Masterclass: How To Give Effective Feedback

Take my online Masterclass today:

  • Review the challenges with giving feedback
  • Learn what effective feedback is
  • Understand why giving effective feedback is so important
  • Follow the step by step guide I use to give effective feedback
  • Learn about active listening and powerful questioning techniques
  • Get insight and tips on how to do this successfully
  • Complete the worksheet with your specific scenario

This is a training course with no sales pitch.


Price: £20 (GBP)

Duration: 1 hour

N.B. Joining instructions will be sent by email. We will use the free worksheet provided above so make sure you have that available for the masterclass.