Who is suitable for coaching?

Who is suitable for coaching?

I’m sometimes asked what level of seniority my clients need to be to be suitable for coaching.  There’s no single answer, a rule of thumb, or one right way to answer that question.   What I would say is the clients I typically work with are people in leadership positions.  They can be fairly senior or they could actually be new to leadership as well, emerging leaders, or anyone with aspirations to become a leader at some point.  I would say that all those levels are suitable for coaching.  What’s important for coaching is not your level, not your seniority or position that you have, but the struggle that you’re trying to overcome or the thing that you’re trying to achieve.  Coaching comes into play with where you’re trying to get to and the help and support you need with that.

Why is Leadership my focus?

The reason I tend to work with leaders is that leadership is my background.  It’s my passion, it’s where I’ve come from and because I mentor clients
as well as coach them it’s also where I can add the most value.  It’s where I’ve got the most experience and where I can provide guidance if that’s what a client is looking for.

You’re not in a Leadership position, can I still help you?

I do have clients who aren’t in Leadership positions.  The thing about Leadership is that it’s not just a function.  It’s also a way of being and how we lead ourselves in terms of personal leadership is also a huge passion of mine.  So if self-leadership or personal leadership is something that you’re passionate about and want to have more of in your life then I would say that’s suitable for coaching too and I’d love to chat with you about that.

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