What’s in a name: The story behind ‘Kore Transformation’

It’s a beautiful day here in Scotland and although it’s only the first day of February it seems like the first days of spring are only just around the corner.  Spring is my favourite season, a time when everything comes alive again and the barren winter landscape is transformed into a colourful and vibrant scene of new beginnings, green shoots and young buds getting ready to burst with colour.  The fragrant spring air always gives me the sense of rejuvenation and there is no better smell to shake off the winter blues.  I was reminded today about why I decided to name my business Kore Transformation.

The inspiration behind Kore Transformation

The coaching process is intended to evoke a strong sense of transformation in clients and I wanted to find a business name that echoed that and one that I would have a strong connection with.  It’s practically impossible to find a domain name containing the word ‘spring’ so I ruled that option out very quickly.  After a bit of research, however, I uncovered the story from greek mythology of Persephone, the ‘goddess of spring’ also known as Kore.

Persephone aka Kore:

The story goes that Persephone (Kore) became queen of the underworld after being abducted by Hades, the god of the underworld.  This infuriated her mother, Demeter, who made the crops wither and the earth barren. Despite the intervention of Zeus (her father), Persephone had eaten the seeds of a pomegranate given to her by Hades and was, therefore, bound to him for one third of the year. Persephone would spend four months in the underworld and eight months on earth with her mother. The period in the underworld corresponded to the winter season, during which Demeter would make the soils barren due to her grief, while her return filled her with joy and marked the start of spring when life flowed through the land once more.  Persephone also then became the goddess of renewal and spring.

This just seemed like a perfect fit for me and Kore Transformation was born.

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