Values Workshop at the Holiday Inn Edinburgh

Facilitated a values workshop this morning on the importance of values and how to surface them.  I was delighted to be asked to speak by the lovely Hazel Johnstone the Sales Manager of the Holiday Inn Edinburgh and have to say that the whole team there from the folks that greeted me when I arrived all the way to Gehan Eriyagamma the General Manager and Georgina Phillips, Director of Sales made me feel so welcome.  What a fantastic venue for a workshop or event, the conference facilities are spacious with wonderful views out to the Pentland Hills and plenty of space for breakouts and follow up sessions.  Check them out at the website below.

With regard to the workshop itself I couldn’t have been happier with how it went!  A fantastic bunch of smart and engaged people attended.  As a facilitator the last thing you want is to throw questions out to the group only to be met by a wall of silence – that certainly wasn’t an issue today.  Lots of enthusiasm and energy in the room.  From the feedback I’ve had so far it seems like people went away with lots to think about which was exactly the outcome I was looking for.  Roll on the next one!

To find out more and start surfacing your own unique set of values click here to read my recent article.

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