Where do I coach my clients?

Where do I coach Clients?

One of the questions I’m often asked is where do I coach my clients.  So I’m based in Scotland, you can probably tell from my accent, and I work from home most of the time.  As you can probably tell I’m not at home right now!  I’m actually in an office space for coaching my clients that are based locally here in the Edinburgh area.

Local Presence in Edinburgh

This office is in Leith which, if you know Edinburgh, lies to the North East of the city and is an area that has recently been redeveloped.  This is a beautiful space that I use regularly to meet face to face with clients.

Foxglove Offices, 14 Links place, Edinburgh, EH6 7EZ

Video Conference for Global Clients

My business is global and I work with clients all over the world.  Sometimes that means that we meet face to face in different locations with me either travelling to them or vice versa.  I also do a lot of my coaching by video conference which makes things much more convenient.  This works for both private or organisational clients.

Distance from the normal working environment

Although I can meet with organisational clients at their location, I do suggest, that clients consider being coached away from their regular place of work. This generally adds more power to the coaching engagement by creating separation from what is normal. One of the cornerstones of co-active coaching is to evoke transformation and this happens more readily when there is some distance from a client’s regular routine.

So coaching can either be in person or via Video Conference.

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