What makes me unique as a coach?

What makes me unique as a coach?

Co-Active Coach

One important thing that makes me unique as a coach is that I am a trained Co-Active Coach.  This means that I focus on the whole person, not just who they are at work or who they are at home or one specific are of their life.  A Co-Active Coach looks at a person in their entirety.  I’m one of only a few Co-Active Coaches based in Scotland.

Leadership & Management Focus

The other thing that makes me unique is that my ‘niche’ or my focus area is Leadership.  I’ve worked in Leadership positions for over 20 years.  My ideal clients are those that are in Leadership and Management positions or who aspire to be leaders in the future.  In addition, I particularly enjoy working with clients from the Technology Sector.  This is primarily because my background is Leading teams in Technology organisations like Adobe, ICL & GE.


The experience I’ve had leading high performing teams also allows me to mentor clients too.  This applies to all aspects of leading themselves and others.  I’ve worked on the front line managing performance of teams, delivering exceptional customer experience and being in the hot seat when there’s a big client escalation and someone has to take ownership and responsibility for facing the client and resolving the issue.  If that sounds like you and these are areas you are seeking support with then I’d love to talk to you.


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