Why is it important for you to get a journal?

I always recommend that my clients get a journal.  I’m famous for having three journals!

Free Form Journals

Journals containing no structure, so either blank or lined pages, are great for capturing general thoughts and feelings. They are also particularly good as a place to write about homework actions that come up during coaching.  For example, you may be given an inquiry to reflect on between coaching sessions.  Your journal is the best place to capture thoughts, reflections and progress updates on where you are with those.

Structured Journals

These sorts of journals have a structured format that allows you to create goals, set intentions and track progress along the way.  The usually include things like planners, regular check in and review pages too which helps provide you with a sense of achievement.  They are also a great way to help keep you motivated and focused along the way.   Being deliberate and intentional about what you want to achieve each day is critical to achieving success.  I personally like the Daily Greatness series but there are other brands out there too.

Benefits of Journalling

Journalling is a real way to get separation and distance from what’s going on inside your head.  This opens up the possibility for different perspectives and more objectivity on your thought processes.  Writing something down also forces you to articulate clearly what you are thinking which offers a way to get more clarity on what might otherwise be confused thinking. Often the thoughts we have contain self-criticism, judgement of ourselves or others, fears, struggles and doubt.  Writing these thoughts down allows us much more objectivity allowing us to open up to different possibilities and options.   I recommend using a journal every day and making it part of your daily routine.

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